Joz Knowz’s 4 week meal plan was a great supplement to my Burn n Shed work outs.  I used it as an extra step toward getting leaner, and stronger.  I considered myself a fairly healthier eater before doing the plan but figured I had room for improvement, and I was right.  My first time doing the plan, I did it on the last month of a three-month challenge.  The first two months I did lose weight and lost inches but the majority of it happened the last month when I paired it with the meal plan.   I lost about 14 pounds during those three months and again, most was during the month that was paired with the plan. My exercise routine did not change.  This 100% proved to me that what you eat plays a much bigger factor than I thought.  It is not easy to eat what you want and just work it off.  The second time I did the plan, was at a time when work was really hectic for me.  I wasn’t able to workout as much as I normally do for two of the weeks I was on it.  Despite that, I still noticed I was losing inches and in the end I lost weight as well.  The plan is strict and I was definitely tempted at times to cheat, but I just stuck with it and it got easier and easier.  This plan changes how and what you eat and these changes will stick with you even after you complete the plan.  I have found myself continuing with the menus I was given and craving less and less junk foods.  Doing these plans was definitely a great choice.” -Melanie

When someone asks me to do a meal plan,  I think about, not enough food or it would not taste like real food and worse, you will be going on starvation mode or get yourself HANGRY! Joz’s meal plan is none of the above! It trained me to eat well, better yet it has taught me to eat right! It is real food that anyone can go to a regular grocery store and no need to find a specialty food market to look for ingredients that are expensive.

It is simple and easy to prepare. I lost 7.5% body fat with eating real food! I have never thought that preparing food without salt will not taste good. Joz’s meals was the cure for my “#2” problem! I have tried so many dietary supplements to “get my system TO GO”, but when I started her meal plan I can GO with no problem and even 2x day! I also been on high blood pressure meds for more than 3 years and after the meal plan, I stopped taking my meds and up to this day, I have NO NEED for those pills. Eating right & staying active is key to your overall WELLNESS!!! We have to start somewhere and we start with JOZ KNOWZ!!!” -Heidi