The Burn N Shed™ Meal Plan and workouts will kick start your life to a healthier and stronger YOU!
The plan that costs $3.57 a meal/snack will help you:

  1. Learn to eat real food and when to eat it.
  2. Change your palate.
  3. Accelerate your metabolism.
  4. Increase your energy level.
  5. Transform your body composition, body-fat loss and weight loss.
  6. Become more disciplined.
  7. To have protein in every meal/snack.
  8. Learn to make healthier choices.

While it is a strict meal plan that you canNOT stray away from, it’s only 28 days, which does go by fast, so you don’t want to miss a meal or a workout during the challenge. Here are the rules:

  1. Body Measurements will be taken at the beginning and end of the meal plan.
  2. You will receive a shopping list every Friday and instructions on how to prepare each meal, so you will have time to prep over the weekend. 
  3. The week starts on a Monday, so Saturday or Sunday is a good day to prep your meals.
  4. You will not spend any money on meals and drinks for 28 days as you will have everything you need from this meal plan.
  5. If you are not savvy in the kitchen, we can prep your meals weekly for a Sunday pick-up. We do all the work, you just eat!
  6. Things you canNOT do while on the meal plan:
    a. Eat or drink outside of the meal plan
    b. Drink any alcohol
    c. Alter any of the recipes
    d. Weigh yourself during the 28 days
    e. Stray away from the meal plan

*Buy before April 29th and get 20% off for Challenge 1 which starts May 1 – May 27, 2017 

or May 6th for Challenge 2 which starts May 8th – June 4, 2017

Three ways to get started!

1. Online

2. Venmo: @JoZKnowZ

3. Chase QuickPay: