What is Burn N Shed™?
Burn N Shed™  is a full body core-based strength and conditioning workout that build lean muscle utilizing calisthenics, weights, resistance bands, boxing and plyometrics.

We challenge your core because it’s your foundation.

Burn N Shed™  gives the ultimate strength and cardiovascular challenge to elevate the heart rate and maximize the calorie burn during class and long after the workout ends. Burn N Shed™  away your old habits and build a more powerful quality of life!

What should I bring?
Bring a water bottle and towel as you are going to sweat. The studio also sells water. If you are new, please arrive a few minutes early to sign a liability form.
What are the benefits of Burn N Shed™?
The benefits of this workout include, but not limited to: increased stamina, strength, improved blood circulation, form, balance, flexibility, boosts metabolism, weight loss, burning fat into muscle definition and overall functional strength. Other added benefits: reduce stress and symptoms of many diseases, i.e. heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.
Can women get bulky from doing strength workouts?
Women are not physically made to put on muscle mass. Women do not have the testosterone levels as men to bulk up. Testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone in the body. You would have to eat extra servings of protein, excessive amounts of calories daily, take supplements and lift heavy in order for you to achieve that body building look.
Women and astronauts are the only ones who get osteoporosis, so now would be the time for preventive measure. When you lift, you increase your bone strength. If you can lift your body weight, then you can lift weights. It’s not the same the other way around.
Is there a beginner’s class?
Burn N Shed™  is for all fitness levels. Our motto is “Two or Twenty”. If two is all you can do, then let it be your BEST TWO! It is a challenging but powerful workout that helps you to build strength at YOUR OWN PACE. If you can do one more rep the next time you come, you are that much stronger.

You never what you can do until you do it! Take the challenge! Try Burn N Shed™, you are stronger than you think!

When can I see results?
With determination and commitment, you can see results within a week, whether it be in your stamina, strength, or performance. Results will vary for each individual, but remember, we are in it for the long haul! Celebrate your PROGRESS as you achieve a new way of life.

Burn N Shed™  not only helps you burn fat and shed pounds, but also helps you burn self-doubt and shed fears.

#MakeItHappen with us today!