Life is a Challenge
There are no gimmicks at Burn N Shed™! We don’t sell you anything that is in the form of a pill, powder, cream, wrap, injection or product that would give you a quick weight loss but no long term success.
WE provide a CHALLENGE, period.
YOU must give your BEST at all times with hard work and determination and the results will follow.
Are YOU up for the CHALLENGE?
We at Burn N Shed™ believe that being fit and healthy is a way of life. We believe in hard work.
Burn N Shed™ is a full body, core-based functional strength and conditioning workout that builds lean muscle with calisthenics, weights and plyometrics.
Burn N Shed™ gives the ultimate strength and cardiovascular challenge to elevate the heart rate and maximize the calorie burn during class and long after the workout ends.
Burn N Shed™ believes in proper form. “TWO OR TWENTY” is the motto! We would rather you perform two reps the correct way of an exercise than twenty bad ones. Do not SACRIFICE form for reps.
We believe in building strength and that comes from your hard work and determination on a daily basis AT YOUR PACE! We do not want you to compete with others but use their energy as motivation to push you further.
We work out in a community-oriented atmosphere and everyone is ready and willing to help, if you need it. It doesn’t get easier, but you do get stronger, you just have to keep coming back. If that means you can do one more rep the next time around, you are that much stronger!
If your goals include getting stronger, building stamina, getting leaner, reaching goals, burning fat, shedding pounds, burning the self-doubt and shedding the fears, then this strength, cardio workout is definitely worth doing!
Burn N Shed™ away the old habits and build a more powerful quality of life!
Take the Challenge, Make the Change and Stay Committed…for LIFE!