Burn N Shed™ was created by JoZ KnowZ to challenge everyone with a core strengthening workout. It became the hottest new format in the Studio City area, mostly using calisthenics to get lean and strong! 

Now, JoZ is challenging people in 2019 by with Burn N Shed™ Gym,  an entire spot to focus on learning to lift, move and control your body weight. 

We are the first Calisthenics Gym in the Valley featuring calisthenic bars, free weights, barbells, boxing bags, a boxing ring as well as a kids club, all housed under 5,000 square feet. 

We also feature the following strength classes: Burn N Shed™ Strength, Animal Flow, Rahyz Cary Street Movement, Boxing, Bars, Strength Training, Functional Training, Intro to Pole Strength and Groov3!  Coming Soon later this month: Aerial Classes. 

We even have Fitness through Movement Classes for the kids!  Kidz Jam Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 330p with Hector (ages 4-6). Kidz Hip Hop with Hector at 430p Monday, Wednesday & Friday. And our Street Movement Class with Jay of Rahyz Cary Fitness on Tuesday and Thursday at 430p. Join us today! 

Additional amenities include Personal Training, Team/Athletic Training for your next Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, Weight Training, Body Assessment, and a Kids Club.

Our Personal Trainers specialize in different areas of fitness such as strength training, strength and conditioning, calisthenics, functional strength, movement training and mobility.  

Ready to start? Sign up here!

Gym Hours: Monday – Friday 6am-11pm | Saturday – Sunday 7am-10pm